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Voice Lessons Online is the hit YouTube show from New York Vocal Coaching where some of the world's finest Voice Teachers celebrate and analyze great singers of the past and present — because you can see the path if you stand on the shoulders of giants.

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"Julie Andrews Vocal Analysis" - Voice Lessons Online

Sunday, July 16, 2023 "Julie Andrews Vocal Analysis" - Voice Lessons Online

Irresistible talent and charm made her the simple joy of Broadway, the favorite thing of film, and the spoonful of sugar that we all need in our lives. It’s our Fair Lady… Julie Andrews. Join Voice Teachers Arbender Robinson, Zac Bradford, Abby Payne, Andy King, and Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching - as they discuss the timeless Julie Andrews. Enjoy Voice Lessons Online!
"Luther Vandross Vocal Analysis" - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 20

Eyes on this "Luther Vandross Vocal Analysis" - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 20

One of the most beloved R&B singers we’ve ever known, with a rich baritone depth, soothing pop float, and endless nuance - all spun together with charm, ease, and love - we're excited to learn from Luther Vandross! Join Voice Teachers Kacey Velazquez, Arbender Robinson, Nicolás Hormazábal, Zac Bradford, and Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching - as they discuss the many abilities of Mr. Vandross. Enjoy Voice Lessons Online!
Carole King Vocal Analysis - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 19

Check it out Carole King Vocal Analysis - Voice Lessons Online Ep. 19

You've probably heard of her. But, even if you haven't - you've definitely heard her music. She was the mastermind behind a generation of hit songs that remain iconic to this day. Join Voice Teachers Arbender Robinson, Abby Payne, Kristy Bissell, Zac Bradford, and Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching - as they discuss what we can learn from Carole King.

Study With Our Teachers

Abby Payne

NYVC Associate

Abby Payne has been teaching and performing in New York City and beyond for nearly 20 years. She holds a bachelor of music from SUNY Purchase (Jazz Studies) and has completed the NYVC Voice Teacher Training and Certification program.

Andy King

NYVC Associate

Andy King is Associate Director and a Senior Voice Teacher at New York Vocal Coaching. He specializes in voice technique for Musical Theatre, Pop/Rock/R&B, and Classical. His clients have been seen on Broadway, Off-Broadway, on National Tours, and Regional Theaters.

Arbender Robinson

Performance Coach

Arbender Robinson is currently the Musical Theatre Coaching Associate at New York Vocal Coaching, and Co-Director of New York Acting Coaching. No stranger to the stage, Mr. Robinson has appeared in ten (10) Broadway musicals.

Bryan Chan

NYVC Associate

Bryan Chan is a voice teacher for all and a trilingual cross-genre performer who strives to provide support for singers wanting to sing any genre of their liking. He is experienced in performing and teaching musical theatre, classical, and pop/r&b/soul singing.

Kacey Velazquez

NYVC Associate

Kacey Velazquez is a seasoned vocal coach, songwriter, and recording artist from New York City. Kacey works with singers of all ages and levels, and specializes in Contemporary styles of music including pop, rock, indie, country, R&B, and soul.

Kristy Bissell

NYVC Associate

Kristy specializes in teaching Contemporary Commercial Music styles such as Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, and R&B. She holds a Master's of Music in Vocal Pedagogy with a focus on Contemporary Commercial Music, among other degrees.

Zac Bradford

Director of NYVC Australia

Zac’s clients have reached the Top #10 on the US Billboard Charts, have been featured in Hollywood Films, Television Shows & Commercials and have worked as backing singers and band members for Mariah Carey, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Stevie Wonder, among others.

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