Arbender definitely knows the industry and his students are very lucky to learn from his experience. Not only is he a great performer and teacher, but he is also a wonderful, generous person.

Anthony Lyn Broadway Associate Director Lion King, Mary Poppins,

Professionals and students alike took away a vast amount of information from Arbender's workshop. Finally a teacher that quickly gets the results that are promised while teaching actors a deeper appreciation for the craft.

International Thespian Festival

I was lucky enough to observe one of Arbender's sessions with a group of high school students. He made theater so accessible, relevant, and fun for those students. He covered everything from harmonizing a lyric to staging a number. The students learned so much and so did I.

Michelle Lehrman NYC's Broadway Artists Alliance

She has a highly intuitive knowledge of music and when added to what she’s learned in school becomes an unbeatable combination. Anyone who is lucky enough to study with her would get the benefit of her talents, knowledge, and sheer joy of creating music with someone so special.

Rachel Ticotin Film & Television Actor

Kacey has the knowledge and skills to help me deep-dive into my vocals and achieve a level of excellence even higher than what I dreamed of. In just a few lessons, I've become more self-aware of my vocal habits and accomplished things that seemed nearly impossible before working with her. She is super patient, focused, and fun! I definitely recommend her, especially to more advanced vocalists. Plus, she loves the Backstreet Boys. I'm sold!

Mike Tirado Recording Artist

Kacey has made one of my life long dreams come true. As a musician, I’ve mostly stayed behind the scenes and stuck to producing (mostly for other artists), however, my ultimate goal was always to be an artist singing my own songs; but my insecurities in my voice due to not knowing how to sing or not even knowing how to practice killed those dreams pretty quickly.

I decided to take the plunge this year and invest in voice lessons and came across Kacey. Within one lesson, I knew that this was the best decision I’ve made this entire year. Since then, Kacey has had me singing songs I never thought I would be able sing. On the surface, I’ve learned how to sing and am continuing to learn; but deeper than that, it feels like my life has opened up. Having someone as knowledgable as her makes it much easier than to try and navigate everything on my own. All thanks to Kacey!

Bes Aliju Recording Artist

Kacey has been an absolute dream to work with. She's the best voice teacher I've ever had and I wish I could work with her every day! Her enthusiasm is so contagious and her encouragement really helps with working on the material. I sought her help because she had a background in the music industry already working with artists on developing their sound and that's exactly what I wanted her help with. She's given me so many great ideas and feedback that I'm blown away at the improvement I've made. She's got a ton of experience and I highly recommend her on any project you're working on.

Stu Basham Singer

Kacey is an incredible, experienced, high quality vocal coach & songwriting teacher. In my combo sessions, I've been learning so much from her - both when it comes to vocal technique as well as best songwriting practices. Her vocal tips and guidance improved my singing skills tremendously. And her feedback on the songs I am writing is invaluable: She has creative, powerful ideas for additional layers, harmonies, and ad libs that elevate the song to the next level. Plus, it is just so much fun to work with her! Not only am I profiting from her expertise and experience, but I am also enjoying working with her thanks to her great personality! It's such a pleasure! I've been enjoying every session and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her. Dear Kacey, thank you SO much for your support, guidance, and for sharing your talent with me!

Carolin Obernolte Recording Artist and Producer