Arbender definitely knows the industry and his students are very lucky to learn from his experience. Not only is he a great performer and teacher, but he is also a wonderful, generous person.

Anthony Lyn Broadway Associate Director Lion King, Mary Poppins,

Professionals and students alike took away a vast amount of information from Arbender's workshop. Finally a teacher that quickly gets the results that are promised while teaching actors a deeper appreciation for the craft.

International Thespian Festival

I was lucky enough to observe one of Arbender's sessions with a group of high school students. He made theater so accessible, relevant, and fun for those students. He covered everything from harmonizing a lyric to staging a number. The students learned so much and so did I.

Michelle Lehrman NYC's Broadway Artists Alliance

She has a highly intuitive knowledge of music and when added to what she’s learned in school becomes an unbeatable combination. Anyone who is lucky enough to study with her would get the benefit of her talents, knowledge, and sheer joy of creating music with someone so special.

Rachel Ticotin Film & Television Actor

In just a few weeks of taking voice lessons with Kacey, I have already learned a multitude of ways to improve as a vocalist. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intentional during each lesson about helping me to improve my vocal technique and performance, while also understanding and emphasizing the importance of protecting my voice. On top of being a fantastic vocalist herself, Kacey also has a kind, encouraging and lively personality that makes her lessons all the more enjoyable. I’m fortunate to have Kacey as a voice teacher and would recommend her to anyone interested in vocal training regardless of their age or level of experience!

Sam M. Singer/Songwriter

Kacey has the knowledge and skills to help me deep-dive into my vocals and achieve a level of excellence even higher than what I dreamed of. In just a few lessons, I've become more self-aware of my vocal habits and accomplished things that seemed nearly impossible before working with her. She is super patient, focused, and fun! I definitely recommend her, especially to more advanced vocalists. Plus, she loves the Backstreet Boys. I'm sold!

Mike T. Singer/Songwriter

Kacey has been pivotal in my voice journey and helping me to work on all parts of my range and blending them together! I also really value that I can work on both songwriting and vocal technique with her! She’s simultaneously constructive and incredibly encouraging and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to learn from her!

Maggie Y. Singer/Songwriter

I can't recommend vocal lessons with Kacey enough. As a working guitarist and guitar teacher myself, I expect a lot from the teachers I study with. Kacey always delivers a challenging and personalized lesson that helps me reach my goals. The results speak for themselves. I've added 4 notes to my high range, reduced stress on my vocal chords, and improved my resonance in just the 4 months I've studied with Kacey.

Mike S. Singer/Songwriter

When I first met Kacey, she made me feel very comfortable! Within my first lesson, I could feel myself growing as a singer. She provides the tools and insights that help you become a better vocalist. She knows that everyone is at a different level of singing and helps you keep leveling up. Not to mention she is sweet, compassionate, and shows deeply that she cares about your future. If you are serious about taking your voice to the next level, have a lesson with Kacey! You’ll have a blast.

Mandee M. Singer/Songwriter

Kacey helped me find my voice not only in singing, but as a woman in the arts. She taught me how to be confident in my abilities and not to shy away from belting and dancing in the studio. She taught me how to use my range and power in songs I thought I would never be able to sing. She has inspired me to never quit music and always keep singing no matter where I go in life. Lessons with Kacey are truly one of the best things you can do!

Manavi B. Singer & Musician

Kacey is your #1 cheerleader from the get-go; she approaches lessons with a warm, bubbly energy that immediately makes you feel at ease, while also encouraging you to push past mental blocks and challenge yourself. In the short time that I've been working with Kacey I feel much more confident in my singing, and have made tangible progress on all of the goals we'd set on our first day. Cannot recommend her enough!

Boshudha K. Singer/Songwriter

The one thing I look forward to the most each week, is my voice lesson with Kacey! Kacey is the perfect mix between a teacher and a friend. Whether I need a confidence booster that day, or a technique modification, Kacey always knows what to do. I absolutely love working on my technique with her because she truly understands my needs and where I want to go with my voice. Not to mention, we’re both unapologetic Swifties!

Sheandra P. Singer/Songwriter

I’ve had vocal lessons with many different voice teachers before, however I can truly say Kacey is one of the best voice teachers I’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge on the voice is incredible - I am continuously able to expand my range and am now so much more comfortable singing in general. She takes the time to break a song down with you so you can get the best performance out of it possible. Whenever I’m having an off day, she is so understanding and encouraging. I highly recommend her as a vocal teacher!

Samantha D. Singer